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Bespoke Design Service

If you would like to commission your own unique Islay Spalding Kilt Pin or piece of jewellery please contact me by email. I will send you a short form to fill in and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have that are not covered here. Alternatively, if you would prefer to discuss by phone then send me an email with your name, phone number and an appropriate time to call. I work around half my time on commissions and will endeavour to answer your email as quickly as possible, but please do not worry if it takes a few days.

Consultations can be arranged at my studios, Double Door Studios, in Dundee, or we can do it all over email.

I have compiled this guide to commissioning a Kilt Pin to make the process even easier. It explains the design process, the pricing and ordering details and more information on designs and ideas. I use the same sort of process for the other types of bespoke jewellery I make: wedding and engagement rings, memorial and commemorative jewellery, highland dress accessories in a contemporary Scottish style.

Click on the Gallery link above to see examples of commissioned Kilt Pins... for the most up to date designs check out my Instagram or Facebook! Find my bespoke jewellery gallery here>>

Please read the Terms and Conditions before ordering.

Design Process

Iona Kilt Pin Drawings There are a few different ways this can go...sometimes people have a clear idea of what they want, sometimes there is a burgeoning idea or a few needing brought together, and sometimes people know they want a bespoke Kilt Pin but not a lot more... I am here to help with all the ways! Email me to start the process and I will send you a quick form to fill in with some questions to get us started.

If you have a sketch, or photos of things you'd like to see depicted in Kilt Pin form, great! Send them over :) If you're not sure what you'd like, have a look at some of my previous designs for inspirations, think about hobbies, interests, landscapes, dates or something else personal to the wearer. You could send me photos of other pieces of jewellery, kilt accessories or anything that they like the aesthetics of. It doesn't have to be something visual, even a favourite tune or place can be enough to get the ideas flowing.

After our initial consultation I will ask for a £50 design fee to proceed, which is then deducted from your final bill, and provide you with my scheduled design and making dates.

I will spend a few hours researching, sketching and drawing, until I've reached a design or designs I'm happy with. These designs will be priced up to make sure we're on track with any budget requirements, or to help you make your decision. I will send you these by email and ask if there's a preferred design or any changes you'd like to see made. Small changes or swapping bits of one design for bits of another can usually be made within the quoted prices, larger changes or redesigns will incur a charge.

Once the final design is drawn up and confirmed I will ask for 50% of the quoted price as a deposit and get you in my making schedule!

Making Process

Materials are ordered or sourced and start to make the Kilt Pin. I do all the work myself unless the design calls for a specialist technique such as casting, hand engraving or some stone setting. My kilt pins are usually fabricated from sterling silver and sometimes incorporate materials such as wood, resin, semi-precious and precious stones. Check out my Kilt Pins Instagram for behind the scenes photos and videos of some of my making processes. I might share some making process photos of your Kilt Pin but I will ask you first...don't want to spoil any surprises!

Once all the parts are prepared I send it for assaying and hallmarking at the Edinburgh Assay Office. Here they test the metal and mark it with my makers mark (my initials, IS, in a circle), the metal fineness marks (925 and a lion for Sterling Silver), where it was assayed (a castle for Edinburgh) and a date letter stamp marking the year it was hallmarked. The hallmarking process usually takes about a week and I try to save up as much as possible for the one package, sending one every 3 - 4 weeks.

After hallmarking I do any more work needed to finish the Kilt Pin and then photograph it. The Kilt Pin is then placed in a branded box along with a polishing cloth, authenticity card, care instructions and some business cards for your sporran, then it's ready to be posted or collected.

The time these processes take varies according to work load and design specifications. I can't usually start work on a commission right away so please get in touch in plenty of time so I can schedule you in, especially if it's something very different to something you've seen me make before. Ideal lead time for a fully bespoke Kilt Pin or piece of jewellery is 3 months before the date you need it for. Made To Order Kilt Pins (as seen on my online shop here) are quicker and times for these are on the individual listings. If you have a tight deadline then please let me know as exceptions can be made if time allows... but I might have to charge a bit more for the late night working! Which brings us to...

Price Guide

When it comes to pricing my Kilt Pins I have a lot to take into consideration: the time it takes to do the designing, drawing and emailing, the cost of materials and fluctuation of the price of precious metals, actual making time, assay fees and hallmarking and finally, all the overheads that keep a workshop running. If you have a strict budget it's better to let me know as early on as possible and I can design to suit it.

So if you have a strict budget it's better to let me know as early on as possible, this of course will affect the design.

For a completely bespoke service you can expect to pay between £350 and £800 for a Sterling Silver Kilt Pin, the price will depend on the amount of design work required, the complexity of making and materials used.

- - Click here to see customisable Made To Order designs on my online shop, starting at £260 - -

- - I also make a Ready To Wear collection with prices starting at £164 - -

Ordering Details

To start the process all you have to do is send an email and I will send you a form of questions to return

  • After your initial consultation (email, phone or in person, free with no obligation to proceed) I will send an invoice for a £50 design fee which is deducted from your final bill, and give you an estimated design date and completion date. Payments to be made by bank transfer preferably but other methods are available.

  • Once the design is decided upon I will ask for 50% of the estimated total cost as a deposit.

  • I will keep you updated with the making process and e-mail you a photo of the finished piece along with the invoice for the balance.

  • The finished Kilt Pin can be posted out or picked up from Double Door Studios in Dundee or Tayberry Gallery in Perth.

  • I charge £10 for postage and packaging within the UK with Royal Mail Special Delivery. This includes insurance and tracking. For the rest of the world I use either Royal Mail International Signed For (£15, no insurance) or FedEx (about £75, insured and tracked).

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